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Aloha and welcome to Planetary SOULutions.  There must be a way out of this planetary mess that threatens to destroy everything on this planet. Now more than ever we live on the brink of extinction (so it seems).  We struggle with destructive energy systems, population out of control, weapons of mass destruction, great and small that cause mass death and destruction of people, plants, children, pets, animals and the environment. What are we going to do with tons of depleted uranium weapons that will take generations to neutralize their delitarious affects on everything?

It seems this place has gone insane.  Yet I hold steadfast in my belief that it’s not over as long as we’re alive and somehow we can stop this insanity and get back on track to a supportive and loving world where people live, prosper and sometimes can even have fun and enjoy living. What a concept. And who is this ‘we’ that can do all this?  I think it’s all of us.

I’ll write more on this subject as time permits.  It dominates my consciousness, keeps me awake.  I dream this shit.  The idea that we can destroy this beautiful place and keep raping, pillaging and plundering our incredible lands, mountains, waterways, rivers, oceans, mountains and streams makes me weep. For me it’s truly a nightmare and I wake up and it’s still going on.  Time to stop, do something. Don’t just sit there, do something!

In creating this new site I searched landscapes and scenery.  I didn’t get all the way around this planet, there’s so much beauty and all these incredible pictures.  I’ll feature them in the following articles so you can appreciate the beauty of this world. It’s truly amazing. We’ve got to stop our destructive ways. I can’t say it enough.  There’s not much more to say actually. We just have to live from what we know and we know, as a global society that we need to stop destroying our world and find clean, green energy systems and solutions for all that ails us, individually and collectively.

Despite all the crazy things on the news, we are making progress.  Humanity’s waking up, one at a time and sometimes whole groups, but that’s more rare.  Something happens when we age and reflect. Something clicks in and we have lightbulbs going off above our heads, many exploding in a cascade of ideas and profound revelations.  We suddenly get it. And I hear it every day from at least one person a day (practically) that they were asleep and something happened to wake them up.  So we’re on the move. Let’s keep up the momentum.

We need to somehow accelerate that process and get wiser faster.  Now, we need to do it sooner rather than later for later’s far too late for far too many species, plants and animal. People are dying from the cumulative effects of toxins.  Toxins affect our unborn children, render us infertile, make our genes mutate and pass those defects down through successive generations.  It goes on and on.  Thinking about it all is exhaustive.

So we have to wake up and manifest our hopeful, positive visions into reality. And that’s more than likely the reason why we are born, why we decide to come here, to wake up before it’s too late, just in the nick of time, like some of those movies with cliffhangers. We are living it and the drama gives us a huge adrenalin rush. But we do manage to make it. Somehow we save the day, so we might live another.

It’s not too late. We’re still breathing.  Let’s do this. Let’s commit and just make it so.



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